Wadén telephones
Daniel Johannes Wadén

Daniel Johannes Wadén (1850-1930) has been called "the father of Finnish telephone". He made a career in Finnish telephone- and electric industry in early years. He established workshop to Helsinki in 1876 with name "Dan. Joh. Wadéns Elektriska Affär".
Wadén manufactured telephones as early as in January 1878 and production continued until 1890`s. He produced, according to his own records, 2503 telephones. After this, he was an agent for Norwegian Elektrisk-Bureau (Kristiania) -telephones and all these imported phones were marked with his name on the phone surface.
Daniel Wadén was also making co-operation with Swedish L.M.Ericsson; he sold his company to LME and Finnish subsidiary of L.M.Ericsson was started.
Wadén wall telephone    (Bell gongs horizontally)

This  is an older wall model and it is equipped with carbon pencil transmitter, 3-bar generator and Stockholms Bell -made receiver. Transmitter  is located in the middle of porcelain writing slope. Upper part is hinged for bell motor adjustment. The writing porcelain is made by Finnish  "Arabia"-named  factory, still existing and manufacturing many porcelain items.

This model is probably made between 1882-1888. Serial number of the telephone is 1146.

Beside is how the carbon bar transmitter looks like. Older porcelains has only three screws for mounting transmitter.

Serial numbers of other know Wadén telephone of this models are: 435 and 1298.
Wadén wall telephone  (Bell gongs vertically)

This wall phone is younger model with either carbon pencil or carbon grain transmitter, 3-bar generator and Stockholms Bell-made receiver. Carbon grain transmitter is capsule-type and located in the middle of porcelain writing slope. This phone model  was awarded in the World Exhibition in Paris 1889 for its good transmission quality. These medals are described on the porcelain.

Production year c.1888 onwards. Serial number of the telephone is 1972.

Beside is picture taken from same model of telephone at Elisa museum, showing the newer structure of carbon pencil transmitter.

Serial numbers of other know Wadén telephone of this models are: 1514, 1723.
Wadén table phone

Very early table phone with open structure; a connection "tray" for Stockholms Bell bell-type receiver, transmitter is German type, carbon grain . Transmitter is later replacement , original type of this is unknown. Phone is made from walnut with very high quality, for example bearing ends are decorated, contact surfaces are silver plated etc. Underneath the phone has removable lid for service .

A wall shelf has been an option for this model. The phone is probably the oldest phone made in Finland.
If you own a Wadén telephone, would you please send me pictures of it and, if possible, it's serial number (I can guide you to where it can be found). My interest is to form a timeline as to when these telephones were manufactured.
My mail: juha.toivanen@salo.salonseutu.fi
Other models of Wadén telephones can be found on following link: http://www.elisa.com/on-elisa/corporate/history/telephone-museum-elisa/

Wadén Intercom

Intercom telephone, with receiver that has the handle formed from magnet and very early design of coal bar transmitter. Coal bars are in frame formed from two coal bars and from sides of wood. The hole frame painted with gold color. There is brush (seen from the side) that keeps steady pressure against the coal bars. The hole frame is supported from center of the sides on the stand soldered to the membrane. The frame swings almost freely on it's stand.

From the construction looks that this must be earlier model than the wall model from 1882.